1 Feb 2012

Wednesday Waffling 29

Hey guys! Just a quickie tonight as I'm off out soon. A friend is home from uni so we're going to take advantage of student night! :D

The weather as of late has been rather threatening. There is constant talk of snow but the sky doesn't deliver. I only want it in the hopes of not going to college though. Some has been promised for Saturday, to then be gone by Sunday which is not what I want at all! Knowing my luck, it will snow when I'm due to drive down to Brighton in a few weeks, in which case I won't be allowed to go (Mum's orders).

I'm hoping to try and build up a bit of a buffer in terms of outfit photos this weekend for the blog. I much prefer taking photos in the daylight, and I feel like I'm cheating if I do it at night time. My goal is to get about two done and do a couple of product related things too (ie. my Litas! They're on a proper test run tonight. Scary stuff). Fingers crossed!
I hope everyone's week is going well :)


  1. The weather here has been awful too and we are meant to be in the middle of Summer :-( Good idea to stockpile some outfit posts.

  2. It's so cold here, I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed. Although that would make walking to uni particularly horrid... Your eyeliner is so perfect by the way - love!

  3. i get so annoyed at the lack of sunlight hours in the winter! damn england x


Thanks guys! :)