28 Jan 2012

To Sell Shorts I Need Your Help!

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Hey guys! This post is a bit more buisness orientated than my normal content. Basically, I want to start selling hand dyed/studded shorts and I need you guys to answer a few questions for me! For the moment, I want to invest in the best products to make some extra cash to tide me over to pay day (if you read my latest post you'll know I'm struggling a bit). Once that's happened, it'll all be about me making some crazy cool shorts to sell you guys! Either way they're going to be crazy cool, but I want to know I'm getting stuff that people actually want to buy. Otherwise I'll be in an even worse position!

I've created a short survey which is only 8 questions long and will give me a good idea of where to start. If you guys could please take the survey (don't worry, there's no signing up or anything annoying to do! Just answering questions) it would help me out so much! And if there's anything you'd like to add or suggest, please comment here :)


  1. Em, if I had the legs to pull off shorts I totally would

  2. Would you prefer a studded corset?

    1. Definately! Ripped denim, tie-died studded corsets sound cool!

  3. Hiya lovely, the playsuit does crease pretty easily but cause it's navy you don't notice so much.. I just loved it so much I figured I'd overlook this haha! I'd say definitely go for shorts/corsets! I'll go do your survey now xx

  4. Just doen your survey, love those kind of shorts!


Thanks guys! :)