7 Feb 2012

Bleached Shorts

So a while ago I started getting into the idea of creating some crazy shorts! I'd seen a pair on ebay, they were black with brown splodges on them. I instantly knew I wanted a pair, but didn't want to pay the £38 price tag (plus they weren't in my size).
I knew all I needed to do was throw some bleach at a pair of black shorts, but I couldn't bring myself to do it to a pair I already have (owned them for years and have become too attached), so I went down the charity shops and picked up any pair of black jeans to cut up and practise on.

I got these for about £2? Maybe £3 at a Cancer Research shop. I cut them up, poured bleach where ever I wanted and this is the final result! Personally, I love them and can't wait for warmer weather to wear them more. I should be using them in an outfit post soon!

I'm planning on selling shorts like these, but with studds on (or not, if some of you want) when the studds come through and I get more shorts in stock. For now I've only looked at Levi's and one pair of Wranglers, but these ones aren't any known brand. Would you guys buy something like these even though they're not branded? Or would you prefer to buy a Levi pair? (Non branded may be cheaper by a few £'s).


  1. If the design is nice enough, it wouldn't bother me if they were branded :) This is such a great idea - they look gorgeous!

  2. love these I do adore a bit of D.I.Y why pay over the odds when you can do it yourself. Fab x


Thanks guys! :)