12 Jan 2012

Blue Bottle

Chunky Knit Cardigan - New Look
Playsuit - River Island
Tights - Tesco

Hey guys! So I did manage to do an outfit post even thought I'd been at the gym :)
I'm in my trusty chunky knit again. God I love this cardigan! I wear it all the time and it keeps me nice and warm. I'm also in love with the colour. These days I'm a sucker for anything brown or berry red.
The playsuit was bought in the Jan sales. Funnily enough, I've bought this style twice already! I came across it in red in the store at Westfields about three months ago. I loved it so much, took it to the till and it was only £20 (reduced from £34). When I got home, I found out why - it creased horribly! It had only been in the bag a few hours and already it was so badly creased, so I took it back. Then it came out again in black, and also in a much better material, so I bought that one in a student 20% off day, but I had to get a size 8 instead of 6. In reality, I needed the 6 (mainly down to my height) so I had to take it back. Finally, I came across this one, in a 6 for £15 and I just bought it. I've only got one other blue thing in my wardrobe (a dress) and for £15 I couldn't give myself a reason not to get it, so now it's mine and I love it :D The frill detail at the top is so nice and girly, which is a nice contrast to most of my clothes.
The tights were a Christmas present from Santa. Another funny story, Santa got me a lot of tights at Christmas, and the clever old guy got me a pair that I already had! Mum was quite shocked when we found this out haha.

Ugh my roots are starting to grow out, and so is my fringe. I should really go to the hairdressers but I don't want to pay the £40 for it all... There's so much other stuff I want to buy! I've got a list up on my wall and I'm not sure my recent pay day will cover it all :( Plus I bought another pair of Levi's yesterday, which will bring my shorts count to about 13?

Blogger finally brought in replying to comments! I noticed the other day so I went a little reply crazy haha. I'm so pleased though, because now interacting will be so much easier :)


  1. River Island do such nice play suits! I nearly bought one for a wedding I went to. Also your eyebrows look really nice, have you changed them or have I just not noticed them before?!

    1. I know! I think I love all their playsuits. Never seen one I liked anywhere else. Haha nah, that's how they usually look :P I fill them with the HD Brows pallette that was in Glossy Box a few months back. I don't know how I ever lived without it!

  2. wooow what an amazing colour! love that playsuit:) x


Thanks guys! :)