11 Jan 2012

Wednesday Waffling 26

Hey guys! I've been pretty slack lately with the blogging. I think I've gotten into a bad habit :/ I haven't been doing my Wednesday wafflings because I've been making the most of my friends being home from uni and Wednesday being student night in town. They've all gone back now so I won't be out on the lash and will actually post :D I'm also back at college now, so for the first half of the week I can't do any outfit photos. I was gonna show you guys some stuff I got for Christmas, but everything got put away before I could photograph it. I was gonna do the same with the stuff I bought in the sales, but again it got put away haha.

I joined the gym just before the new year, because fitness first were doing an amazing deal on off peak memberships. £15 a month in a 12 month contract! Certainly not bad, as it's usually £30 for the same thing. I've also got 2 free personal training sessions, and I've signed up for a block of 15 with my Mum which will take me into about April time. I had my first PT session last week and I died. Completely died. My whole body ached the next day and for a few days after, and I'm going to go through it all again tomorrow! I actually quite scared.... So as I'll be getting all sweaty, probs no outfit photos tomorrow. I'm holding out hope for Friday! :)

I hope everyone's new year was good. Mine was rather calm....played a board game haha. Finally saw the Inbetweeners Movie though so that was good. I'm hoping to get stuck right in to my new college project - film photography. I think it's going to be a tough one, but I'm going to try and keep on top of it a bit better this time! Fingers crossed :)


  1. I'm getting fit too! I started back at the gym last week, and it's a killer until you get used to it again. But keep at it and it will get easier.

    I would choose quality time with friends over blogging personally, so don't feel bad about it. Just set some time aside for blogging, or schedule posts and it will make it a lot easier. x

    1. Yeah, I think it'll get easier, I just know he's gonna kill me tomorrow!
      I think my biggest problem is getting photos taken. I usually sleep in till it's starting to get dark again because I'm so tired from college. Can't wait for summer! Love your new layout btw :) x


Thanks guys! :)