13 Jan 2012

Real or Replica?

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Hey guys! I need your help on something. Since last summer I've wanted a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, and I know my Mum hates them (which would usually stop me from buying something) but with these I just can't get them out of my head. The only reason I don't already have a pair is that they're £120 and I think that's just stupid. However once I found out Office sold them - meaning I wouldn't have to buy from abroad - I started thinking more seriously about buying a pair. 
However, I think Office are stopping selling them, as they've got next to no stock left, and my being a size 3 doesn't help.
There are tones and tones of replicas on eBay for about £35 or something, and usually I'd just buy them instead, but I've got it in my head that I want a real pair. In fact, I've got it in my head that I want a real pair and a replica pair, because I think if I get one, I'll regret it and wish a bought the other.
£120 is a lot to pay, and I know I would HATE spending that much on a pair of shoes, but then I'd know they're authentic and proper, and real leather so a bit more durable. I have also tried on the real ones in my size so I know that I can walk in them (lets remember the blog name!). Now if I bought a replica pair, there will be no guarantee that they will be exactly the same in height ie. the platform might not be as high as the original thus meaning I can't walk in them! I don't know the measurements of the originals so I can't compare. But we're also talking paying nearly £100 less! 

Basically I'm really, really stuck on what to do. I think I'll be unhappy with whatever I do, but I still desperately want a pair! And I know I've got to make the decision soon before the real ones run out. What would you guys do? I need your opinions!


  1. I would just get the replicas as I've heard they are almost identical. It sounds like you've had your heart set on them for ages which I'd usually say buy the real ones, but I think these are very trendy, so might not be around by the end of the year.

  2. i would say replicas too! you can buy such good fakes off ebay and normally you can send them back if you realise they aren't right!
    in my opinion i'd say go replica first then if you hate them, real pair!

  3. I've got the real pair and they are definitely worth the money. As soon as you open them, the whiff of leather is intoxicating (who doesn't love the smell of leather though?!) and they are so comfortable and easy to walk in. They are my most worn pair of heels on a night out and still in great condition (I recall many drunken stumbles in them too...). The heel keeps going for about 2.5-3" after the platform stops so they aren't actually that high at all but basically, I love them and can't stress how that buying one pair has made me want more!

  4. I would go for the real pair, I have some and they are so easy to walk in.
    With replicas I think sometimes you can tell, it may be because I have a pair but when I see a photo I can tend to tell whether they are real before I look at whether they were JC's or ebay replicas.
    Also I'd say with the replica, no matter how much they look like them, they may be sized differently or not made that well.
    I have replica Sam Edelman harness boots, which I ordered from China, but they came with a the staple the wrong way meaning I had to pay to have the fixed... or pay to return them to China which isn't cheap.
    It is a tough one though when you take into account how expensive they are, but they are just so beautiful!

  5. Replicas! I wanted the Topshop allegra boots for AGES but wasn't prepared to fork out £75 for a pair of boots that had a lot of mixed opinions (too hight, uncomfortable, just right, really comfortable). I got contacted because of my blog and I now work in partnership with a brand called Daisy Street. They sell "inspired" high street pieces at such affordable prices! For example, I bought the inspired allegra boots (review here: http://www.ashllyd.com/2011/12/saving-cows.html)at just £30! Incredible! and the quality of them is AMAZING, really sturdy, comfortable and free delivery etc. Came within 3 days too!

    Getting to the point... they sell inspired litas and I believe that they would be of great quality and about £30-£35! You can also get 10% off with the code ASHLLYD10 (works at the end of the process after you've entered all of your details) and don't forget, free UK delivery. They've recently added some new ones for their SS12 collection: yellow (http://www.ashllyd.com/2011/12/saving-cows.html) , green (http://www.daisystreetshoes.co.uk/boots/heel-boots/solange-green) & red (http://www.daisystreetshoes.co.uk/boots/heel-boots?product_id=370)

    original ones - silver glitter (http://www.daisystreetshoes.co.uk/shoes/platform?product_id=340), tan (http://www.daisystreetshoes.co.uk/shoes/platform?product_id=335) gold (http://www.daisystreetshoes.co.uk/shoes/platform?product_id=332) they do have black velvet but sold out in size 3.

    Hope that helps :D

    1. Aw I've got the Allegra's, but only because I got them for about £39 in the end haha.
      Thanks for linking me to that site! Ideally I wanted a black PU pair, purely because I have a pair of sueade boots that the Lita's would be replacing, because the sueade gets so grubby :'( If there was a PU pair, I would definately be seriously thinking of buying a pair from that site! It looks really good :) So thanks loads of showing me it! :D

  6. I have wanted some black ones for soo long..well when the hype started i jumped on the bandwagon too and decided i HAD to have them...because well they ARE beautiful to be fair!! I am actually going to get some fake ones, purely because the price. I just can't justify spending over a £100 on shoes that I can't wear everyday, (I go to college and can't wear them at college!) so I wouldnt be able to wear them everyday, so purely because of that...I am shamefully gonna go with the fakes! xx

  7. I know what you mean, I keep getting told theyre ugly by EVERYONE,
    and i guess I can see why, but that doesnt stop me from wanting a pair!

    Id suggest buying the fakes, seeing whether you actually ever wear them, then investing in the real ones, as its a lot of money to spend only to end up realising you dont have anywhere to wear them etc.


  8. if you've been wanting them for ages then go for the real ones! The quality will be a million times better and if you wear them lots they're an investment :) It might be a lot of money but if you buy the fakes and they're harder to walk in and are a horrible fake leather and give you blisters you'll be regretting wasting £35 that could have gone towards the real beauties! x

  9. I got fake Lita's off eBay for about £25 from China. Might be worth a look.

    And yes I get my studs off their too :) There's loads when you search. They take a while to come as they're from Asia too but they're so good and cheap!

    Thank you for your comment xx


Thanks guys! :)