21 Dec 2011

Wednesday Waffling 25 It's Nearly Christmas

Hey guys! So, it's Christmas on Sunday, and to be perfectly honest I'm not really that excited. I haven't gotten in the Christmas spirit at all this year which is a shame. I used to love Christmas! But I think it's so much more fun when your younger; now that's I'm older my main worry is 'Oh God I've got to buy presents and wrap them!'. I'm still stressing slightly about presents. I went into town today to try and do some stuff but got basically nothing done which annoyed me.
Is anyone else in the Christmas spirit?

I'm out tonight with quite a few of my friends! They've all come back from uni so we're celebrating :) I hope it's a good night! But town is going to be so packed. I bought two dresses in town for me to wear, one being a very tight 'hey I'm a slut!' dress (ok it's not really like that, but it's rather tight) because I don't actually own one (Mum hates it) and I got another far more acceptable one. In the end I don't think I'm going to wear either of them! It was a last minute thing because I wanted a dress that made me feel good and in reality neither of them really do the job :/ £25 down the drain! Can't take them back because they were in the sale...

Had hoped to keep tomorrow and Friday free, but now I'm helping out with a shoot tomorrow and will probably have to go back to town on Friday because of how today failed. Goodbye relaxing days!

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  1. I'm guilty of owning one of those 'hey I'm a slut dresses' - funnily enough mine was in the sale too, probably a sign! Oh well, I got lots of attention that night :\
    Hope you had a good night!


Thanks guys! :)