18 Dec 2011

60's Sista

Playsuit - River Island

Hey guys! Can't believe it's already been a week since my last post :( No Wednesday Waffling this week as I had deadlines. So glad that college is done now till next year! Maybe I can start getting some more outfit posts done!

I bought this playsuit from River Island in their last student 20% off day. It's £40 but I got it for £32, which annoyingly breaks my nothing over £30 unless it's shoes or coats rule. But I think it's worth it, because it's my first playsuit and I absolutely love it! I'm quite into monochrome at the moment, possibly because my college project was based on it? Regardless I love it, and it feels very sixties but quite classy if I may say so? I also quite like the belt :)
My biggest problem with playsuits seems to be that they're too long for me. I tried on loads before this one, and they all were made to fit people of average height (5"3+) but as I'm only 5"1 it didn't go too well. Mum had to take about an inch off the shoulders of this one because it sat away from me :/ Well, it's either they do that or the crotch hangs stupidly low.

It's the shortest day this Wednesday! Which only means one thing: the days will start getting longer! I don't think I could be more excited! I hate how early it gets dark; it's so depressing. Ha I think I'm more excited about that than Christmas! How silly.
I'm planning a blog sale some time after Christmas. I also need to do a giveaway soon. I've got one small thing for it, but I'd like to get some more stuff.


  1. I love that playsuit! you look lovely

  2. Love this playsuit! You look great :)

  3. Ahh ive got this playsuit but in a pastel bluey green :) It looks lovely on you

    1. Oh yeah I know the one you mean! :) It's such a lovely design and looks great in all the colours!


Thanks guys! :)