11 Dec 2011

MUA Professional Extreme Felt Eyeliner

MUA is a range I really like, and I honestly want pretty much all their products! Especially the Professional range. Unfortunately it's only big superdrug's that stock and display this part of the range, but when I mentioned it today in my local I was very excited to hear that the lady had a lot of the professional range in the stock room! I asked for a few things, one being the Extreme Felt Eyeliner.
A felt tip eyeliner sounded perfect and for £2 I was happy!

However, I'm really disappointed with the product :( The flow from the nib was awful and hardly anything came out. Also the nib pulled off bits that were already on my eye and had dried. Creating a flick was pretty impossible as you can see in the photos. And it wasn't completely black - it was kind of see through on the skin.

To compare I'll show you what my normal liquid eyeliner looks like on:

This my liquid eyeliner by Bourjois. I'll do a review on it another time but I wanted to show you it so you can see the difference. This is the kind of effect I want from an eyeliner.
So I'm really disappointed with the felt liner. I still love MUA, but maybe I'll stick more to their eyeshadows and stuff in the future.

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  1. i had a look at their eyeliner but im not a massive fan of felt tip types. its a shame it didnt work so well, always a bit hit and miss because their prices are so good!


Thanks guys! :)