16 Nov 2011

Wednesday Waffling 22 My Internet is Back!

Enjoying some cookies

Hey guys! It's now been over a week since I last posted and I've got a good reason. I had no internet! It went down last Monday, and I thought it was something that would be alright the next morning, but it wasn't. Waited another day, still nothing. Phoned the provider but they had a call system failure so couldn't help me. Pressed buttons on the router and it broke some more. Then went away to London for the weekend. Got a friend round on Monday to fix it but it got worse. Woke up Tuesday morning and it had all fixed it's self and we were connected again. And there you have it! 
Unfortunately this down time has gotten me majorly behind in my coursework. I needed the internet for research, image gathering and conducting model searches and casting calls. None of that could happen so I'm a good 2 weeks behind now instead of 1. Joy! So I'm freaked out haha. 

Apart from that I haven't been up to much, just visited my friend at uni in London. I've bought a few things that I'll hopefully show you. Might have to have a massive outfit photo session were I just put everything on again to photograph! Seriously need to get back into the swing of doing outfit posts, but short winter days make it tough. Damn you winter!

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