6 Nov 2011

Yet More Shopping

Earrings - Topshop
I went to Westfields on Friday and wanted to show you some of the stuff I bought! I saw these in Topshop and instantly I knew I had to have them. They were the only pair and I haven't seen them in any other Topshop so yeah, had to buy them. A lot of these types of things have been coming out recently and I think they're amazing! The biggest problem is that they don't do up tight enough which is really needed because they're quite heavy. You don't exactly want them falling out of your ear do you!

Left - Kiko Eyeshadow 136 (£5.90)
Right - Kiko Colour Sphere 06 (£6.90)

I discovered this shop on a previous visit to Westfileds. I was in love with all the eyeshadow colours but wanted to see if I could find them cheaper online because in reality, I'd love to pay about £2 for all makeup products. Unfortunately, Kiko is an Italian brand with an Italian website, and there's nothing on eBay so I couldn't buy cheaper elsewhere. The Westfields store is also the only store I know of in England, so in order to buy some I had to venture back there (annoying). I'd seen these two colours on my previous visit and wanted them, so I got them (I'll probably do reviews). The ladies there are like the ladies at Benefit - they want to sell you everything! Literally I got sucked into so many demos it was stupid. All the products seem amazing but if your buying more than a few things it all really adds up. I would have gladly bought more colours but I would have been spending £30+. Might buy more in the future....

Purse & Super Cosy Tights - Primark

I've wanted a new purse for ages but nearly all the ones I look at just aren't right. Basically, I want exactly my purse but in a different colour, and that is what this one is. I'm very happy :) Also, I saw the super cosy tights in this colour in Brighton but didn't get them, and I wished I did. So I snapped them up at Westfields instead :) The super cosy tights are really amazing things! For only £3.50 they keep you really snug. I wear my black ones all the time.

Faux Fur Stole - H&M

Ah, faux fur stoles! I really love these at the moment - I think they're a perfect way to make an outfit look a little bit more pricey. I want to sew small clips to this one so I can clip it to my blazers to make it look like a fur collar. This one was only £13 from H&M, and brings my collection to this brown one, a leopard prints one, a grey one and a dark grey one (both my Mum's). Might sew clips onto all of them....

So yeah that's what I bought. Should really stop shopping, because I should spend my money on other things, but I know I won't. I've supposed to have not been shopping for about a month now, but it hasn't really worked :/


  1. i really want a stole, great buys em :)

  2. i really love those earrings! I am going to be on the look out definitely...although they do look heavy and my ears get sore quickly. Great shopping :)

  3. love your earring's, they're so un-usual! xx

  4. i'm desperate to get a faux fur stole! bring on payday!

  5. some great purchases! In love with your earring!! :)

    Chelsea x

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  7. Gorg stole, my sister just bought it so of course banned me from buying one. i'M going to hunt down a grey one though because she can't stop me from buying one in another colour!!

    xx amateurartblog.blogspot.com

  8. Love those earrings and i'm desperate for a faux fur stole! x

  9. I need those earrings! I've never seen them before either - only the wolf ones!

  10. The earrings are just super cute!!

  11. The earrings are amazing! x

  12. hHAHahha crazy earrings!!! You were meant to have them.. it happens to me a lot that i go into some of this stores and found the last piece of something.. so i gotta have it!! ;)


  13. I love the colour of those tights, exactly what i am looking for.


Thanks guys! :)