17 Nov 2011

FashionistA Magnetism Nail Lacquer

Available in Super Drug (£6). Magnet sold separately (£3)!!

After reading Emma's post on these polishes and liking how they looked I decided to hunt them down myself! I've got two Super Drugs in my town and the one I got them from didn't have them out on display. The shop assistant overheard me talking about them and pulled them out from a draw. I was pretty excited to get them so bought the purple and the blue! Unfortunately when I got home I opened up the box to find that there was no magnet included :/ This really annoyed me because I think that's a bit cheeky, and the polish being in a box is also a bit misleading. It implies that there is something else in there ie. a magnet! Regardless I managed to get a magnet the next day and then painted my nails!

I photographed my better hand here. On the other my thumb looked pretty rubbish. You first paint on a coat and let it dry, then paint a second and use the magnet to make the cool effect. I learnt that you should apply the second coat quite thickly and then get the magnet over it asap! That gives the best results.

I was really pleased with the polishes! Once you've worked them out they're really easy to use and last like any descent polish. I got lots of comments of "How'd you do that?" on them. I would recommend FashionistA if you can get your hands on it, but don't forget to buy the magnet! I think that's the only downside to this product.


  1. Was so excited for FashionistA but 17 make it so much easier including the magnet.

  2. I have never seen this kind of nail polish before but it looks really cool. I might try and get some at the weekend...

  3. These look amazing. I've been thinking of getting a magnetic polish for a while now, and I think looking at yours might just have persuaded me.



  4. so beautiful.. love the colour!


Thanks guys! :)