20 Nov 2011

Girly Girl

Blouse - Primark
Shorts - Miss Selfridge (sale)
Tights - Primark

Hey guys! Another lazy day regarding image editing. My laptop can't seem to take anything at the moment, so I'd rather leave them unedited and get them posted rather than spend the next few hours fighting with it whilst it freezes.
Anyway, this is something I wore the other day to college. I've had all these things for a while now, and worn this a few times but never got the chance to photograph it. I really like the combination - I feel very girly :) I got the shorts in the Miss Selfridge sale about a month ago, and I'm really pleased with them. Usually shorts in such a flippy floppy material don't hang from my bum in a flattering way, but these are alright :) I also like the little tie up bit at the front. 
The blouse was a good buy! I like the colour, but unfortunately it holds any unwanted smells that come from a day of wear. It can't even be aired out, so it has to be washed every time I wear it. Mum says it's because it's nylon and that odors cling to it. It's kind of frustrating but I don't wear it all the time.
The tights are another Primark buy. I always get my day to day tights from Primark. I mean, especially the super cosies! They're a tough act to follow.

Sorry I look so moody/upset in these photos. They're actually awful! It's probably because I haven't done outfit photos in so long. Must change that.
Also, how long has my hair gotten? It's only after looking at these photos that I've really noticed it. It's just so long! My roots really need doing though, so I'm going to the hairdressers this Thursday to get that sorted and to have a trim. 

On a final note, the Christmas London blogger meet was today. I was originally going but had to pull out after my Internet shortage set me behind on my college work. I'm really gutted that I couldn't go and it looks like everyone had a really good time! I really hope I can go to the next meet, and it's not on a day I'm working!


  1. we missed you today! You look fab, love the shirt with the shorts!

  2. I love your blouse!

    Emma x

  3. Fab outfit, I really like the shirt
    shame you couldn't go to the meet up x

  4. you look gorgeous! love the shorts

  5. Love your outfit, you look lovely! xx


Thanks guys! :)