22 Nov 2011

Fog is Kinda Foggy

Sleeveless Shirt - New Look
Skirt (including belt) - River Island (sale)

Hey guys! This is something I wore last week to college. I've talked about the shirt before but the skirt is something I've had for a few months now and not shown you. I got it in a River Island sale in the summer for a nice £10! I was pretty chuffed considering it's River Island and all.
It's possibly a bit longer than I would usually go for, but I don't think I mind too much. The pattern and colour was what drew me in. I don't have anything like it in a similar colour and it fit me pretty nicely round the waist so I got it :)
When I wore it I obviously added a cardigan and tights, but they were just throw on things really . . .

It's starting to get kinda cold, and it's been foggy for the past few days! Not loving it to be honest, but I've been wearing my fur coat and it is so warm! Seriously it has kept me nice a cosy. Hopefully it will continue to do so.


  1. Lovely skirt! :)


  2. Love the skirt! The colour of the belt is gorgeous too x

  3. Love your skirt! And such a bargain :)

  4. Lovely skirt - very Prada circa 2009. xxx


  5. Oh I love River Island and this skirt is so cute, and what a bargain !!! I muss wearing skirts at the moment. Hope your well xx

  6. Such an adorable skirt!!
    Your outfits are always darling. <3

    Love, Alysha E. Marie


  7. Lovely look - that skirt is so nice! x

  8. thats SUCH a cute skirt!
    p.s how random: i found you by googling "gosh intense lip colour" (one of your old posts popped up!)


Thanks guys! :)