6 Oct 2011

Wednesday Waffling 19 (Always Asleep)

Hey guys! It's unfortunately been another week of nothing special on the blog front. I'm getting really annoyed that I'm not posting/not doing outfit posts. I seriously want to show you some of the stuff that I wear to college but literally, I wake up in the dark and come home in the dark. On my days off I'm getting ready for work, or just wanting to lazy around in my PJ's and sleep.

Talking of sleep, I'm starting to think I might have something medically wrong with me. Ever since I can remember, I've always been tired. For a long time I've put my love for sleeping and my will to stay in bed in the mornings down to pure laziness (I am SO lazy), however over the last half year it's started to get stupid. I'm always tired, and all I ever want to do is go to sleep. It's getting so bad that now my college work and work placement are being affected. I'm behind on college work because everyday I get home, I instantly fall asleep, and the days I'm off I sleep well into the afternoon, cutting my work time in half. With my job, I have targets to meet and time restrictions, but there have been many times I nearly fall asleep there. I'm so lathargic that it's starting ti affect my productivity.
Not too long ago I went to sleep for 21 hours, and a few weeks later about 18 hours. I woke up tired, but when I get the recommended 8 hours I'm still tired. If I get about 4, I'm really awake when I get up but the lack soon catches up with me leaving me more drained and more likely to have another stint of 12 hours in bed.
I don't want to be like this, and I know a lot of people will just say I'm simply lazy, but I've nearly fallen asleep in so many places it's getting a bit scary. I don't do the things I want to, because I just want to sleep. It's not even the fact that I wake up at normal time and just don't get up, I would sleep through till the afternoon if no one woke me.

I checked it out online and it said I have Diabeties, but then again everything I check out online says I have Diabetes (oh wait, maybe that's a sign?), but I'm hopefully going to get checked out soon.
(Can you guess yet why this post is a day late? Lol)

Anyway! I'm determined to do an outfit post this week and finally get my London Blogger Meet Up post up (I'm so sorry girls!).


  1. that sounds awful! i know what you mean though :/ im not tired all the time but most!
    if you go see your doctor, word of warning here, be prepared to argue to get more tests done! some doctors just think you faking it, its not really fair

    chlo xo

  2. I totally get what you mean about being tired all the time and falling behind in blogging - I'm exactly the same at the moment (only I haven't managed a 21-hour stint).
    I agree with Chlo's comment that you should see a doctor and push to have tests done. It might be something really simple like anaemia (which makes you feel really exhausted all the time and you get quite pale) or a vitamin deficiency, or it might be diabetes, but it's best to get it checked out and get some blood tests. Good luck!

    Polly x

  3. I'm in the complete opposite situation, not being able to sleep! The past couple weeks have been rough and I just want to curl up and sleep all my troubles away but I end up just staring at the ceiling........ hideous really!

    Good luck tho with the doctors and stuff, have you ever thought that maybe you have a mild case of M.E?


Thanks guys! :)