8 Oct 2011

Accent Nails

Avon change artist in Shimmering Teal
Avon change artist in Clear (used as top coat, changes colour of Shimmering Teal)
No7 Stay Perfect in Night Silver
Barry M cracked effect in Black

Hey guys! I've got a nails post today because I fell asleep and couldn't take some outfit photos as when I woke up the light had gone :( More on that later....
But first, I've become a bit taken with the whole accent nail thing. Probably a bit late, but oh well.
I've had this on my nails for a few days now and they've stayed quite well, the teal has worn away a bit at the tips but oh well. I always find that whenever I do some kind of effect (leopard nails, dots, crackles) it makes the polish last loads longer. I don't apply more coats or anything, but it just lasts ages! No wearing on the tips at all.
I like the Avon polishes, the teal goes on quite a silvery, almost grey shiny green but when you put the clear polish on it changes to this quite nice green. I love it! I usually use the clear polish as my top coat anyway.
The silver... well, I just don't think I'm feeling silver colours at the moment anyway. I probably won't get much wear out of it this season. Don't get me wrong it's a nice colour, but I'll probably choose other colours over it.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post. I went to the doctor and he seemed to rule out anemia. I didn't seem to have any other symptoms of it, so now I'm going to have some blood tests next week to check for diabetes. He doesn't think that's what's wrong with me, but he wants to completely rule it out. After that, the only thing would be my lifestyle. I do go to bed quite late (usually about 1-2am) but I can sleep right through and still get the normal amount needed and still be tired. For example, today, I went to bed at 2am and woke up at 12pm. I went to town for about 2 hours, came back and got straight into bed and slept for another hour before getting up to eat dinner and go to work. I could have easily carried on sleeping. So I got 10 hours sleep last night and still felt the need to go back to sleep? I don't know, but either way it sucks. My doctor is really nice by the way, and I think he'll be happy to get loads of tests done on me rather than say I'm making it up. I'll keep you up to date on what happens with it, and I hope you can be patient with me. I'm so frustrated that I'm sleeping through all the chances to take outfit photos, but a lot of the time I just can't help myself.

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