9 Oct 2011

Crazy Angel Self Tan and Scrub

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent some products by Crazy Angel. I must say I hadn't heard of the company before, but after checking out their website I was really looking forward to trying out some products. Crazy Angel are a company that provide tanning products to both everyday consumers (like myself) and tanning salons. The lotions - I think - are quite fairly priced, the most expensive being £10 which fits in well with products on the highstreet. The body scrub I used was also priced at £10, which I think is a bit steep for a scrub.

Anyway! I finally got a chance to try both these products. First was the scrub. I absolutly LOVE the fact it's bright purple, it makes it just that little bit more fun. There are quite a lot of bits in the scrub so it's quite intense, but afterwards my skin felt really smooth. I guess my only problem with the scrub is the price, especially as I used quite a lot in one go, so it wouldn't be a good move finanically for me.

Next I used the lotion. The packaging directs you to apply with gloves, but as I don't have any gloves so I just used my hands. They did go really orange but I washed it off in time :) The lotion it's self is a very dark brown - I was quite shocked when it first came out, and thought that it was going to be way too dark for me. It rubbed in really well though, turning see through after a bit. It was pretty easy to apply and I did it as evenly as I could. It instructed not to have any contact with fabrics for 15 minutes until the product had dried, and then wait for a few hours for the colour to develop. I could see the colour change throughout the day but the biggest difference was when I woke up the next morning. The colour turned out really nice! Not too dark - Mum commented on how the colour really suited me so I was really pleased! I did have a big white patch on my arm, and my legs were a bit streaky but I think that was down to how I applied the product.



All in all I was really pleased, and if anything would really suggest the tanning lotions to anyone! I tired to take before and after photos but the lighting wasn't on my side to show the difference. I'm going to try applying with a mit next time to see how that works :)


  1. I got my Primark shoes from ebay! (still new as well :)) I could never find them when I went to Primark. They seem alright, need breaking in though! x

  2. I love this review because I got sent the same kit and i was worried it might be too dark. They sent me med/dark - hopefully it will just be a subtle change. I'm too scared to try it!!! But I'll have a go at the weekend. The scrub smells really nice. I just remembered seeing your tweet, i was packing orders at the time so didn't reply to tweets straight away. I hope I make it to ldnbloggermeet! Need to go on Emma's blog to check out dates, etc. xxx

  3. Love the review ! Really suits you x

  4. Happy days, good colour change. I'm on the hunt for a good new tan!

  5. I definitely need to start tanning up now that fall is here!



Thanks guys! :)