2 Oct 2011

September Glossy Box

So recently I was lucky enough to receive the September Glossy Box (conveniently being reviewed on the 2nd of October. Whoops!). I've heard a lot about Glossy Box, and also read a tone of reviews on other blogs so I was excited to give it a try. It was half way through the month so I already had a rough idea of what would be in the box, mainly the HD Brows kit, but the rest was a bit of a surprise!
I love the way Glossy Box is packaged, it's so well presented and unwrapping it all is really so much fun! I really loved the little hand written note too - thanks!

Neal and Wolf HARMONY Intensive Care Treatment - I was really looking forward to using this because I've been wanting to use some sort of treatment on my hair for ages. Using it was really simple, just put it on and leave it for about 5 minutes then wash it out.Once I dried my hair, it was so soft! I even think it made my hair blonder, or at least made my highlights blonder. I really love this product but it retails at £12.95. I hate paying lots of money when I know I can get cheaper products, but if I wasn't as fussed with money I'd definitely buy this product again! It's really done my hair some good and I love it :)

Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing - I have yet to use these scrubs as I'm trying to use up other scrubs I have, but from feeling it through the packet I think they'll work really well! Probably a pretty intense scrub, so will be good if you having used a scrub in a while. I'm looking forward to trying them out :)

Plum by Mary Greenwell - A lot of people had reviewed this perfume as being an older scent, and I must say I agree. I don't think it's something I would wear, so I'm going to see if my Mum likes it. I'm pretty hooked on my Kenzo!

HD Brows Eye&Brow Palette - There was a lot of raving about this product and I get why. It's really good! Granted, the darkest shade makes my eyebrows look black so I have to go for the mid brown, which looks good from a distance but not as great close up because it's too warm of a colour. I still use it anyway though. I agree with everyone that they will make great eyeshadow shades because they're really high in pigment. I'm really pleased with this product and love the little brush it came with! Will be using it for a long time to come :)

Moa The Green Balm - Ok, so the packaging didn't make it amazingly clear as to what I should be using this on, it just said don't get it in your eyes. I originally thought it was a lip balm, but if it can't go in your eyes it probably won't be good around your mouth. After doing a bit of research I found that it's supposed to heal pretty much anything. I have a mysterious skin problem which no one has yet been able to diagnose or cure, and it's been around for nearly three years. So I thought I'd put it to the test! First application, no affect, second application, a bit of a difference! Doing the third one tonight, but if this is going to work I think it'll take at least a week. If it actually gets rid of my weird skin condition, I'll do some massive crazy post raving about it, because it will seriously be big news for me. If I don't then it hasn't worked haha. Either way I'm looking forward to seeing the results from this :)

All in all I think it was a pretty good box. The Plum perfume sample was the only miss for me really, the rest I was pretty happy with! What do you guys think of Glossy Box? Are you signed up?


  1. The box looks adorable. (:

    Emma x

  2. Interesting choice of products! I've resisted signing up for glossy box as i would prefer to spend the £13 a month on one product of my choosing!

  3. I so wish I could have got the September box!


Thanks guys! :)