27 Sep 2011

Allegra or Alba?

Allegra (top) - Topshop
Alba (bottom) - Topshop

Hey guys! This post is really to ask for your opinion. I recently, finally purchased the Topshop Allegra boots (after being buggered about by my local store. Got them to order, but they never actually ordered them. When I went in to check, they were all gone from the warehouse. Not pleased!) and took them home to actually decide whether I want them. Had to buy them then and there because I knew they wouldn't stick around for long.
Now, I really like the Allegra, but I obviously won't know if I can walk in them until I wear them outside, which in turn means I can't take them back. They are very expensive (I know they're leather, but regardless £75 is a lot of money) and I only want to keep them if I'm going to wear them a lot. I've worn them around the house twice, once with very thin tights where they moved around a bit but stayed on nicely, and now with socks. Currently, I can feel my left foot aching. It's as if they're too tight, but they're not too tights because I can move my foot around.
So yeah I don't know what to do.

Then there's the Alba. I've seen them in store and think they're lovely. I haven't tried them on though so have no clue about the height or fit. They may possibly be more comfortable and are also cheaper. However, I have lots of black shoes in this style already, so would it be worth it to get another pair? The fact that they're not leather doesn't bother me.
So, what are your thoughts? Which pair would you go for? Do you own either of them and if so, how have they been for you?


  1. I like the look of the allegra better, but if you think the alba suits you more, go for it! You can never have enough cute black boots! :))

  2. Allegra Allegra Allegra!!


  3. Heels are much more versatile than wedges

  4. I agree with everyone, definitely the Allegra ! I would probably wear them around the house a few more times before you wear them out, but I know that good quality leather will stretch a bit and mold to your foot. I've just bought good leather boots and they were tight when I bought them but have gotten a nicer feel over the past few wears ! Hope this is somewhat helpful x

  5. Allegra :) I think it is more original and I don't know honestly, they are really cute, xx


Thanks guys! :)