28 Sep 2011

Wednesday Waffling 18

Hey guys! This is just me chilling with my zoom lens haha. Put it on my camera in prep for a trip to London with College yesterday. Had to take street portraits! They came out ok, but the whole trip was really behind schedule so we didn't have much time in between looking round galleries. I like street portraits, they're lots of fun! But they're not something I like doing with an exhibition in mind. That puts too much pressure on it!

I'll hopefully take some outfits photos over the next 4 days as they're my days off. Surely I'll get some time! I'm going into town tomorrow to spend money I can't afford to spend (seriously can't afford) and going to a bootfair Sunday morning which I can't wait for!

Just a quick update on my activity, I know it hasn't really become much more regular, but I received news that after this 7 day project, I have 1 more 7 day project, then a 14 day project, then my half term and then I get into the proper 2 month long type projects. This will mean more time for posting! The 7 day ones have been very difficult what with college, working and trying to do shoots and print them up. Also, I haven't been able to take any outfit photos as now when I get home it's quite dark :( Please bare with me, I'm trying my best, but for me my education comes first.

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  1. Lovely update. I'm also a photography student and am doing some street style portraits in London over the next month. Won't it be funny if we approach eachother!
    Ashleigh x


Thanks guys! :)