26 Sep 2011

Dalmation Nails

White - Revlon 050 White on White
Black - Claire's Accessories Two Way Nail Art Pen

- Hey guys! Because getting my important posts done hasn't gone to plan (I'm really trying :'( ) I've decided to quickly bring you SOMETHING as I don't want top go silent again. Recently I've been seeing 'dalmation' nails popping up everywhere. I think referring to them as dalmatian is just trying to snazz up the fact that they're random dots on your nails that can actually look quite messy. Non the less, I gave it a go! I bought the white polish a few weeks ago as I was planning to do panda nails (yup, you heard me right). All I needed was a nail art pen. Didn't want the Models Own one, couldn't be bothered with the price. Debated ones on eBay, but just couldn't be bothered in general. Then, I went to Freeport the other day and low and behold, Clair's Accessories had a nail art pen! I got it for about £3, not bad! 

First, the white. It definitely needed two coats, but that was expected. I think I put a third on some nails just to be safe. It dried ok, not amazingly fast but it was alright. Next, the pen. It was really easy to use, but the colour has gone a bit see-through in places. But that's what you get from a cheap version. I'm not too bothered though. Took ages to dry though! I slept on them before adding my top coat, and in the morning of course my bed sheets had imprinted on my nails. I then put my top coat on, and what do you know, the black smudged a bit! Seriously, the next morning? You can see it slightly on my thumb. It's not too bad, but I couldn't get over the fact that it smudged the next morning.
Regardless, I'm very pleased with how they've come out. I've actually had a few compliments on them - probably because white is so eye catching! I'll probably try 'dalmation' nails again, and in other colours. I'll also be using the pen again because it's so handy.

What do you think of 'dalmation' nails? Love, hate?

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  1. They look good! I wish my white polish hadn't run out :(


Thanks guys! :)