15 Aug 2011

The Look Blogging Comp!

- Hey guys! So recently I've seen a lot of entries for the Look Blogging Competition and I thought that I would give it a go myself! The prizes - as many of you will know - are front row seats at the Look Show as well as some other awesome goodies. All you need to do is blog about why you should win! Well, I decided to take a different take on things. I don't really like trying to prove that I deserve this more than others, because everyone deserves this chance equally! Instead, I decided to make a little stop motion about what I love about Fashion, Blogging and the combination.
Fashion Blogging is still kind of new to me, even though I've been doing it for nearly a year. But I've loved it from the day I started and as I've gone on it's grown on me more and more. I really like sharing the things I buy and the outfits I wear, the outfits from others that inspire me and the items I'm lusting after. On this blog I can talk freely about fashion and clothes without being judged by others. I've mentioned in a few places that unfortunately, people I know in real life think that my brain only stretches as far as clothes and that I don't really have the capacity to do or think about much else. Obviously this is not true, but these subjects are among those that interest me the most. I wanted to go to Fashion Week last year but didn't get the chance, so to be able to sit front row at the Look Show would be an amazing experience! It would also mean that, yes I love clothes and fashion, but look at the great places it leads me! Sitting front row, or just being there at all would be an amazing experience and a lasting memory I would treasure.

Aside from that, I hope you like the video! I did stop motion briefly at college two years ago and thought it would be a fun way to enter. Adding music on top is new to me, however, so sorry for the mistakes! Also, if you can't see the words very well please view it in full screen mode, or you can watch it on Youtube here :)

The images were all taken by me
The music is Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (Kaskade Club Mix)


  1. Good luck! You look so pretty in your stop motion video :) and you definitely deserve to win! *fingers crossed*

  2. Your video is amazing! I love how you have done a unique take on the Look post! Good luck for the competition, hope you get that F-ROW seat x

  3. Well done on the video it looks great!!! :)
    Thankyou for liking my facebook page, the studding isn't really that difficult! Just be careful not to poke yourself with the ends, its easier if you have some pliers to close the ends.

    And thankyou for letting me know about the tights, i may have a little look soon

    Chelsea x

  4. This is such a cool entry! Best of luck :)

  5. I love this, congrats.
    Very creative. I love stop start-things, I used to be really into stop start animation, I drew pictures then took photos then did it again and again.

  6. Love the cute video!
    ongratulations on being shortlisted! Well done :D

    I wish you much much luck for the next step :)




Thanks guys! :)