14 Aug 2011

Bonnie Bonnie Scotland

- Hey guys! It's been 6 days and a total of 1,600 miles, but I'm now back home in my own room. I went on a coach holiday to Fort William in Scotland (a lovely 14 hour drive up there). Fort William is right in front of Ben Nevis, Scotland's highest mountain (at 4,406ft) and right in the heart of all the valleys and hills. It was so beautiful! Every day we went out on the coach, firstly to Port Ree on the Isle of Skye, then to Inverness, and lastly to Malliag. It only rained on the day we went to Inverness so that was pretty good! But when it does rain, it's crazy! The last two photos of views from my hotel room, the first being on the day it rained and the second the day after, see the difference? It was like that everywhere! My room looked out over Loch Linny which was lovely. Infact the whole of Scotland was amazing, just so beautiful I couldn't believe it!
The steam train pictured above is actually the Hogwarts Express! It's real name is The Jacobite and it's a normal passenger train. You can ride it for about £38 and it goes from Fort William to Malliag, however the inside doesn't look the same as in the films as the carriages were changed for that purpose. The train DOES go over the viaduct in the film (as pictured above) however I was too late to get a photo. I had to run up a hill that would take 10 mins to walk and I just missed it :( The photo underneath is the inside of the train (I got to go on it, and sat in First Class!). I also drove past the mountain where Hogwarts was built for the first three films! Didn't get to take a photo though.
So all in all it was a wonderful holiday! Had so much fun :)

- So yeah this is just an update to say I'm back. Also, a warning that I'm going to be enter the Look mag blogger competition either tomorrow or Monday so that will be my next post, then everything should go back to normal :)
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  1. hey :) your photos are lovely and your blog is awesome :)

  2. Nice pictures, that seagull is awesome, hehe! I want a ride on the Hogwarts Express!


Thanks guys! :)