7 Aug 2011

Heading for the Highlands

Hat - Mum
Top - Peacocks (via bootfair)
Shorts - New Look
Tights - River Island (sale)
Hair Scarf (worn as bracelet) - North Wield Market

- Hey guys! One last post before I leave at 5:30am! I wore this the other day and I must say, I love this outfit! I'm not really sure why, but I just really love it. Can't wait to wear it again :)
The hat is my Mum's. She's had it for 36 years and it was her 'going away hat' which is sweet. It's a lovely thick felt which makes it very sturdy and I wish I could get one exactly the same but in black! In fact, I wish I could find my own version of this hat because Mum doesn't like letting me wear it in case it rains :( I personally wouldn't mind much haha.
I wear the shorts all the time, they really are my go too pair. I'm really glad I got them but they're at least half a year old now so not in the shops anymore!
The tights were something I really liked and thought 'why not?'. They were £3 in the sale and I wasn't expecting to wear them much but I've actually worn them a lot. They get lots of funny comment though, and I hear a lot of people saying to each other 'look her tights are ripped!' or 'look she has bandages on her legs!' which makes me chuckle to myself :) They have been very useful in the hot weather because due to the marks on my legs I don't like to go out in public with my legs bare, but as they're so strong normal nude tights won't hide them, but these are perfect because they're not thick but they cover the right place :)
I think I'll try and wear this ensemble into the colder months with thick cardi's because I really do love it!

- So as I'm going to be in Scotland posting will stop until after I get back which will be next Saturday. I probably won't be able to post on Saturday though as I get to work from 6pm till 12am! At least I get a break haha. So I'll see you all sooooooooon! <3


  1. love these tights!!!!!!


  2. beautiful outfit, great hat as well :)


  3. love the tights, very "cheryl cole" x

  4. Lovely outfit!! And the hat H&M have some very similar ones in at the moment! :)
    Also in love with your tights!! Were they Riverislands or another brand like pretty polly do you know?

    Have a fab time in Scotland.. Jealous! One of my favourite places, I love Edinbuurgh for shopping :)


  5. those are some crzy tights! never seen something like those ones ;)



Thanks guys! :)