5 Aug 2011

June/July Faves

- Hey guys! So today I'm bringing you may favourite looks of both June and July, all gathered from Lookbook.nu :) Please head on down to my faves to find these outfits.

Something you'll see a lot of here is skirts and dresses! It's supposed to be summer but most of the time the weather has been horrible! But seeing all these inspiring summer outfits (from all around the world) certainly give me the push to put that dress on with a pair of tights so that my summer wardrobe actually gets some wear! There's also a couple of maxi skirts in there which I love! Unfortunately, maxi skirts aren't something I can pull off. I've been trying loads on over the past 4 months and due to my wider hips they make me look very silly :( Damn you tall skinny people! Haha :) That's probably why I like them so much: because I can't wear them!
There are a few hats being featured as well, my favourite being the floppy hat! Now they've started coming back into the shops, but I've found that I don't actually want a floppy hat, I want a floppy hat that isn't floppy! The only one I've managed to find is my Mum's 36 year old wide brimmed one which is made in a very thick sturdy felt unlike the ones in the shops, and she doesn't let me wear it much :'( So my dream of owning a black one might not come true.

Some people featured are:
Fated To Be Hated


  1. Awesome blog and photos you have! Love your style as well. Just followed you through GFC. Hope you can drop by mine as well. Have a great day! xo

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    Manila, Philippines

  2. Gotta love these bloggers! They are so inspiring. =)


  3. We love these bloggers too, our faves! x


Thanks guys! :)