13 Jul 2011

Wednesday Waffling 10 - I'm Home!

- Hey guys! I'm back from Majorca but I took a few days before I actually posted mainly because I didn't actually go on my laptop for a few days, plus again I've been really busy. What the hell is it with my life? I used to never have anything to do!
Anyway, my holiday was lots of fun but full of unwanted drama that put a bit of a downer on it all. I didn't really get a nice tan, only a slight slight colour change, and I burnt my face. I peeled the other day, it was gross. Above are a few of my photos. The one in the water was taken at one of the 2 water parks out there (I'm the one on the left), next is all of us plus a guy who owned the bar Wildy's which had a 7 page menu of cocktails and 160 shots. The apple stroodle shot is so tasty!
Last is a photo of me on our balcony. It was a lovely view and in the really great place, right next to the beach and the bars!

- Tomorrow I have to get up really early to start the process of my root canal. Not gonna be fun! The needle doesn't bother me at all (had SO many fillings) it's more the discomfort I'm going to have for the next week or so until the whole thing is over and has settled down. It's such a pain. Oh well, the tooth is going to need to be pulled in the next 5 years anyway.

- It was my Mum's birthday on Tuesday and she wanted to spend the day sorting through my stuff. She LOVES throwing things away haha. In the end I got rid of LOADS of clothes, but as I've already got a ton that I keep saying I'm going to sell online and haven't, she wouldn't let me keep any of the stuff to sell. Pretty bummed, but it all went to our local charity shop :)


  1. Looks like you had such a good time! you shouldn't let your mum throw things away - sell them on ebay so she can buy more :)

  2. looks like you had a great time! x


Thanks guys! :)