30 Jun 2011

Wednesday Waffling 9 (on Thursday)

- Hey guys, sorry for not posting this yesterday, but I got the chance to stay round my boyfriend's before going away so I took it. However, that meant I couldn't post.
The week has been very dramatic and still - annoyingly - very busy. I'm feeling pretty low right now as, after all the trouble with the holiday and the hotel and in the end getting a nicer hotel, today I found out that again we don't have a hotel to go to and I fly out very early Saturday morning. So really, we only have tomorrow to sort this out else we won't know what's happening when we get there.
All this trouble has honestly drained me to the point where I feel sick. I just want to curl up into a ball. I don't even want to go in this holiday anymore because it's making want to cry more than anything, when I should be really excited!
All I can say is NEVER book a holiday with Ola because they have caused us so much hastel with this holiday, all in the last 7 days before we left. If this had happened in May (we booked in early April) then it wouldn't have been as bad, but leaving it this late to tell us that actually our hotel is over booked, book us into a new one and then that one is suddenly over booked so book us back into the old one without asking us is unacceptable. So please, if you don't want any problems with your holiday don't book with Ola! All this trouble is enough for me to give them a poor review without having been on the holiday yet. Once I get back, I'm pouring through every possible reviewing site there is. (/unhappycustomer)

- Anyway, this is probably my last post before I go away, mainly because I will most likely have no time tomorrow to even go on my laptop, let alone take photos for a post and then write one up. I'm sorry it's been so miserable, but I don't really have anything happy to write about :( I hope you all have a lovely week and I will be back next Saturday


  1. That sucks :( I hope the holiday is ALOT better than the process of actually booking it!

  2. Thats awful! Thankyou for the warning and I bet you will have a fab time when you get there! :)

    Also the heels from new look - I can actually walking them alright (possibly because i wear heels nearly every day) but because they curve up at the front, i found it really difficult to walk down hill withough feeling like I'm about to tumble all the way down! haha

    Hope your having fun on holiday! I hope I get something organised for this summer!! :)



Thanks guys! :)