18 May 2011

Wednesday Waffling 2

- Hey guys! It's me with a hot chocolate : D I've managed to catch a cough from my boyfriend and my throat kills at the moment. I hoped the drink would sooth it, and it has a tiny bit but not for long :( Back to the meds!

- I went and saw Water for Elephants with a few friends today, which was fun! The film was actually really good, but it was kind gory but not in an extreme way, just a bit unexpected. In some parts it was quite funny too :) But overall it was a really beautiful film, and I loved the horses and the Elephant! Rosie was so cool :') I'd suggest watching it, even if you don't like Rob because one of my friends doesn't and she really enjoyed it!

- I did a tiny bit of shopping on Tuesday (even though I'm not allowed as it's my birthday month) and I bought two plain, what I hoped to be baggy vest tops with little pockets on the boob. Unfortunately when I tried them on, the pockets weren't on my boob they were under which annoyed me, also one was far smaller than the other despite being the same size, thus not baggy. So I'm gonna take them back. It was a shame because they were nice and cheap, and the right length for short old me.
I also bought a mini boob tune type thing from New Look that I've been wanting for ages, so I allowed it. This weekend me and my boyfriend are going to town to try and find a birthday present for him to buy me haha. He's no good :P

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  1. your makeup looks really nice!<3


Thanks guys! :)