18 May 2011

Wednesday Waffling 3

- Hey guys! It's Wednesday again, and next week it will be a month since I started Wednesday Waffling. It's not a special landmark but I'm more focused on how quickly the time has flown by. A month already?
Anyway, I want to let you guys know that this week is a SERIOUSLY busy one for me. Monday I was round my boyfriends then had a guitar lesson in the evening, Tuesday I got my hair done and had work in the evening, today I had college all day and then had to help a friend in town after that, tomorrow I have college all day again and a birthday meal in the evening, Friday I have a half day at college but go straight to another birthday meal. I have to fit college work in there too! Then Saturday is my 18th birthday! It's a packed day and I'm hitting that town that night, then Sunday will be spent hung over, and Monday I'm driving to Lakeside with Mum. So I'm super busy but I have an update scheduled tomorrow about my hair ;)
So yeah, please excuse me not being around if I don't find the time to post :(

- I wanted to ask you guys, what puts you off reading a blog post if it's by someone you follow? With me it's either no pictures or LOADS of writing. I do find that sometimes I get carried away and end up saying a wall of text (in fact, that's most of the time, like now) and I'm sorry about that. I mainly like personal photos too, like ones that the writer has taken them self, like outfit posts or photos of stuff to do with their day. I also like images of things they like in the shops. I don't like inspiration blogs with just images taken from the Internet.
So yeah, what puts you off reading a blog post?


  1. A lot of writing is fine if its broken up with pictures, spaced out well. Bullet points are easier to read too :)



  2. You are such a busy bee!

    But some hustle and bustle in life is good, keeps the energy going and ensuring you are never bored. :)

    The Cat Hag


Thanks guys! :)