1 Mar 2011

When The Weather Gets Cold Again

Jumper - M&S
Scarf - New Look
Ring - H&M

- Hey guys! Sorry again for not posting much :( I quickly took these photos today - I don't really like the outfit much but I thought I should update and do something about what I'm wearing as I haven't done in a while. I hope to do a proper, nice outfit post soon!
But yeah it's been getting really cold again recently here in horrible England. I hate cold weather. So I wore a jumper and jeans because I find it hard to be warm and stylish. Also my hair was gross so I pulled it back. I'm so pleased that I've finally worked out a way to put my hair in a bun that I like! But yeah it's getting into that whole 'In like a lion out like a lamb' March weather, or the other way around, it's different every year. I just hate it. I think Spring will be good because I can wear my blazers instead of coats!

- I think I mentioned it, but on Saturday me and my friends went to London to go to Brick Lane and try vintage shopping! In all honesty, we all hated it haha. It was boring and everything was horrible. I think vintage is just something I'm never going to like as I think it all looks pants. I guess I wanted to like vintage stuff because I saw so much of it on LookBook, it made me feel like buying all my stuff off the highstreet was bad, but personally I love buying my stuff from the highstreet and I'm not going to let myself think that's a bad thing. Anyway I think the highstreet has the best stuff :P So yeah we got bored and went to Oxford street instead. I got a few things in primark which I'll show you in my next post! :)

- It was so nice to let my hair down this evening! After having it tightly pulled back all day I was getting a headache, and that feeling when you take it out is amazingggg! Haha 
I'm looking forward to the new pokemon game this friday! But annoyingly my boyfriend's present to me was only preordering the game, I've got to go get it myself :/ Bit peeved about that really. I've also got to pay for it and he'll pay me later. Oh well....

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  1. oh my god! i hate vintage aswell. i hate the way it looks.. i love buying things that look vintage from topshop and river island, i have always been a high street girl! one thing i have always hated is vintage on lads! ewwww... i like my men to look clean and well dressed! not in a baggy jumper with a hole in it!
    the jackets from topshop! last year in summer tho.. but i bet one will come out very simular soon in ther! they allways bring out old trends again!
    and that scarf is lovely!
    <3 xxxxxx


Thanks guys! :)