25 Feb 2011

Gonna Eat Less Crap

- Hey guys! Not been up to much this holiday, how exciting! But after a day of eating crap (Tuesday) I decided it was enough and I needed to give myself some ideas of how to sort my act out. My problem is that I constantly graze on chocolate, literally it's a constant stream and I think one of the reasons is that I don't have a good breakfast or lunch so above you can see my list of things I will have to hopefully fill me up and take me through the next few hours. I know I'll probably still have some chocolate snacks but if I'm having less than what I am now then that's good. I just need to fill myself up! 

- Today I went to town with Mum to pay a check in and have a look at material. Got some nice flowery ones from the market :) I also got some more rings and earrings from H&M with a gift card from Christmas, I'll show you them soon because I love them! :) I also got some salon hair clips for some DIY flowers I'm planning on making.

- Finally I'm going to London tomorrow to Brick Lane and then probably Oxford Street with my friends Carrie and Jo, I'm hoping it will be a fun day and I'm going to try and take lots of photos :)
We're going to check out some of the vintage shops because we've never been before! I've never even been in a vintage shop (well, not knowingly) so I've got high hopes considering all the great things you hear!

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  1. Ha i really need to be more healthy! :)
    Oh and lovely photo!


Thanks guys! :)