23 Feb 2011

I Want Chocolate

- Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been saying much, but so far there hasn't been much to talk about! I've been so lazy this holiday and spent most of it in bed. I've done no work even though I'm still really behind and I need to get started on the new semesters work too. Instead I've been sleeping and playing pokemon :/
Yeah, I like pokemon. Can't wait to get the new game! I'm currently playing both SoulSilver and Platinum, but I've come to a bit of a rut in SS so I'm on that one less. Today I got a shiny Suicune through Mystery Gift in preparation for pokemon white so I can get a Zorak! Or something....

- Monday I went to Brentwood with mum to go look through the charity shops. As it's a posh area we hoped to find some nice stuff, but we didn't. There was a Ralph Lauren sleeveless shirt but it was UGLY. White with yellow stripes and a blue collar. Yuck. I ended up buying a new ring and bracelet from Dorthy Perkins, I'll show you them soon :)

- I had some scrap material I pinched from college and last night I decided to make a flower with it! I tried out a few different ways, the first looked awful but the second I really liked :) I'm thinking of making some into hair clips for my friends, I'll show you photos when I've made some more!
Also, I guess now wouldn't be a good time to make a blog shop, because let's face it, no one would buy anything! I think I should just blog for another few months before I try setting a one up.

- So yeah I haven't done much really, just slept.... I'm the biggest slob ever, and because of it I've put on weight :/ I try not to weight myself that often because it usually disappoints me. I remember when I used to weight myself every 2 days when I was watching what I ate and calorie counting. That was such a drain, but it did kind of work... I did loose a few pounds. My main problem is lots of junk food with no exercise. If I could afford to go to the gym, and actually went every week I think I would be a bit healthier. I always said once I got a job I would join the gym again, but when I did get a job I never had time....
I'm gonna go make some toast with chocolate spread on. I'm not even hungry, I just want chocolate :'(

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