2 Mar 2011

Spending Money I Don't Have

Hey guys! Just thought I'd share with you what I've bought recently :)

Bag - Primark
I bought this bag in prep for when I turn 18 and hit the town! I don't really have many small bags, just one other brown one so I got this cute little one from Primark. It has a zip top which I like! I think it will be good for stashing my phone, camera and money. I don't really want a big bag when I go out so it's perfect :)

Bracelet - Dorthy Perkins
I got this bracelet when I went to Brentwood with Mum. I don't really wear that many bracelets because I don't have many nice ones and I thought this one was lovely. I've also got a kind of matching ring you'll see in a sec. I have to wear elasticated bracelets because all bangles are far to big for my tiny wrists :(

Necklace - Primark
I saw this necklace when it first came out in Primark but I didn't get it, then a while ago I saw it on another blog (sorry can't remember who :( ) and when I saw it again in London I thought I should buy it because I do like it a lot, and other shops are bringing out more expensive variations but I think this one if good enough!

Left to right
Leaf ring - Dorthy Perkins
Bird ring - Primark
Large rings - H&M
This is the leaf ring that matches the bracelet :) It's quite cute and fits very well on my middle finger!
I love the bird ring, but once I took off all the packaging it turned out it was too big :/ When I tired it on with the packaging it was too tight on my ring finger so I thought it would at least fit my middle finger, but no :( Bit annoyed because it was already a small and they don't do extra small at Primark.
The final two rings I love, they're both from H&M and I'd seen them about and had to get them for myself. They fit VERY snuggly on my middle finger but too big for my ring finger. Oh well they fit so I'm happy!

Both sets of earrings - H&M
I love these earrings! he ones on the left match my new ring and the ones on the right make me laugh :) I love the owls and the stags. I really really wanted to ring set of them from H&M too but they only had 1 left in a medium. Even in London with it's 3 H&M's they only had M/L so I was sad :( And on ebay they're being sold as if they're vintage rings for about £20. Bullshit :/ I hope they get a few more in before they take them out of the shop!

But yeah that's what my money has been going on recently. I need to stop spending though, especially as I just paid £150 for some camera equipment. I owe about £50 to my friends, I need to buy birthday presents for 2 other friends, pay out £35 for my own present (still so pissed about that. I was gonna rant on here because I needed an outlet but I talked to a friend instead which helped), buy presents for my boyfriend's 18th next month and get some money for my planned main present and possibly a few other things. It's a bit of a blow because I want to buy a few things for myself but I can't because my money needs to be spent on other things :/ Plus I have no income so basically at the end of this I'll be broke and I don't want to dip into my savings.
Hopefully things will be alright though....


  1. I love the earrings and the dorothy perkins leaf ring :)

  2. I like the two h&m rings and the earrings : )


  3. Love that necklace from Primark - so cute!x


Thanks guys! :)