8 Mar 2011

Feburary's Loved Looks!

You can find all these amazing looks in my LookBook Faves!

- So again I've put together my fave looks from last month. Again they're all from LookBook, but this time they're all a bit random, not really an ongoing theme, I've either just really liked them or they're inspired me to think about the clothes I have in a different way.
Sometimes I find I come across looks that I don't really like a lot, but they inspire me to put together my own clothes in a new way. I'm not sure whether I should include them though, because in the end I still don't like them much....
But yeah, these are the looks of February that I loved! :)

- I've been thinking about doing a giveaway of some sort, maybe with some kind of jewelery? But I'm not sure.... Firstly I don't know how I would choose the winner (I've seen people mention random.org or something, maybe I should check it out), and secondly I'd only be willing to post to people in the UK which possibly really narrows down the number of people that can enter. I don't have anything to give away yet though. I'm wondering if I should maybe leave it for a bit, or start with something small (like a small necklace) and then go from there.

- I checked my LB and saw that it's been nearly a month since I last did a proper outfit post! I'm so sorry about that :( It's been a mixture of lazy, cold and the fact that I hate taking photos when my parents are home and they never go out. They'd be like, what the hell why are you taking pictures of yourself like that? But yeah the horrible weather has played a big part too, especially as now I don't like to do a proper outfit post with photos taken indoors. I'll do quick ones indoors though. What do you prefer?

- I should probably do another makeup review soon, don't know what on though, maybe a lip colour/stick....


  1. Hey! The Zara skirts were down stairs! There was a section full of younger summery looking clothes. And the skirts were hiding right by the dressing rooms. I spotted them as I was about to give up and leave. Everything upstairs was crazy expensive you're right! xxx

  2. your right Lookbook can be really inspirational!

    I think you should definetly hold a giveaway...I'm currently collecting for mine

    I think both indoor and outdoor pictures are good, It just depends on the lighting inside which makes a pain i guess x

  3. Awww love your blog, you're cute!


  4. You have great taste! I love them all!


Thanks guys! :)