10 Jan 2011

This Chic in the Red Heels

Scarf, Shorts, Heels: New Look
2 in 1 Shirt Jumper: Marks & Spencers
Tights: Primark

- I wanted to do an outfit post today because I had a lot of free time. I could have done one outside, but I ended up sleeping too long so it got dark haha. Whoops.
This is the first time I've worn my top from M&S (it's still got the label in!) and I really like it, though I know it's one of those things I won't wear a lot because it's very smart. Not that I don't like smart things, it's just not something that comes into my style a lot. I'm gonna try and wear it often though. I like teaming it with a neck scarf because I feel it brings a bit of fashion to the look, not just me trying to dress smart :)
I bought these heels over a year ago now. They were originally for a fashion show I did at college and the colours of the clothes were red and green so I bought red shoes! I find them kinda hard to walk in but I'm not that great in heels anyway. I got them back when New Look had loads of size 3 shoes, and their size 3's actually fit me, now they're too big : |

- I've decided that I don't like my fringe. I mean, I think it looks good, but I hate having to put up with it. Styling it is too much effort for it to look stupid in about an hours time, and it's really annoying constantly being in my eye line. And having to constantly comb it to get rid of any gaps so it doesn't look greasy is annoying. I much prefer how it used to be when I could just push it out the way with my hand. That's what I've done in the photos. Before I cut my hair, I was happy with how my fringe was (granted it was a tiny bit long so needed trimming anyway) but I thought it looked nice. I thought that if I had it cut back to how it was I would be able to cope with it, but I can't. Oh well, at least I can sweep it out of the way still, it just needs a bit more hairspray to hold it in place. My next decision is whether to fork out £54 to get highlights put in :'(

- I'm going to the doctors tomorrow to try and work out what these strange marks are on my legs. They're little groups of small red dots that disappear and reappear in different places, but they're always just on my legs. I've had them for nearly 2 years now, and they don't itch or anything they just look strange. And as they're starting to spread out a bit I want to get rid of them before summer :( But I don't know what they are! I hope it's nothing nasty.... who knows.

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  1. The red shoes are fab and really make the outfit stand out :) x


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