12 Jan 2011

Red Magic Paul the Octopus

- A few days ago I ordered these two pairs of adorable earrings! The ones still wrapped are a present for a friend. I was on eBay looking at owl earrings round her house when I stumbled on these. I fell in love with the red ones and she rather liked the silver ones, and as her birthday is coming up I thought they'd be perfect :)

Now, there's a necklace in that picture too your saying. Well, it's a funny story. The envelope arrived today (really quickly! It was only posted yesterday) and I was really excited because I knew what it was. I opened the envelope to find this cute little pink box, and inside that were the earrings and a necklace. I was so pleased that they were packaged so well and had been sent so quickly, but I hadn't ordered (or been charged for) the necklace, so I quickly messaged the seller. I'm not sure if it was a mistake or not, but she said I could keep the necklace as a gift (so kind!), so I was pretty pleased as the necklace is so nice!
Even if there hadn't of been the necklace I would have been really pleased. I love it when sellers do cute things like put the items in boxes or tissue paper, I think it's sweet and shows effort and care on their part.
I would definitely buy from eshoppingstar again :)

- On another note, I went to the doctors and it turns out I've had ringworm for the last 2 years! I'm pretty shocked to be honest. Apparently I most likely caught it from my boyfriends dogs rubbing against my legs. The thing that I don't get is, I thought ringworm was incredibly contagious, but neither my boyfriend, mum or dad have got it and of course I've had contact with them. I guess it's a good thing I haven't passed it on, but it's weird. Also, I'm glad it's not eczema as you can't get rid of that, but you can this. I just feel rather stupid really, especially as most people (including me) look at ringworm as being gross and to stay away from the person who has it, and I've had it for the past 2 years! Personally I'm glad no one knew what it was, because I don't want to be treated like I'm some disease ridden thing.
Why talk about it on the internet then? Haha well I don't think anyone who knows me knows about my blog so I don't think they'll find out.
I've got some cream I have to use twice a day for about 2 months which should get rid of it. I've also got some shampoo because I told the doctor that recently I got it a bit in my hair as well as a lot of dandruff, and it turns out dandruff is a fungus! What the hell? I just thought it was dry skin haha so I've got shampoo to sort that out which shouldn't take long. I'm gonna be a bit more careful about getting too close to people now, just in case, but I think it'll be fine  really.

- Enough about infections, recently I've bought a few things whilst out shopping, and I think I'll show you them all in my next post. I'm really pleased with them though, especially as one was about to disappear foreverrrrrr! Haha :)

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