9 Jan 2011

Earring Stand from Dad :)

- Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written for a few days, been super busy. I've been trying out shredding and distressing clothes but it's not working out well..... haha.
But anyway, I just wanted to show you all this super cool earring stand my Dad made me! He made one for my sister YEARS ago when she had loads of hoops earrings, and recently I've been getting into dangly earrings so I asked him to make me one. I love it! I've already half filled it but it does it's job well. He also made it to match the rest of my furniture colour wise.
My Dad does a bit of wood turning, he's made bowls and stuff before, and mushrooms and other things, but this was originally one solid block of wood and now it's and earring stand! :)
Thank you Dad!

- In the last few days I've realised that I actually have loads of things to do, excluding school work. I just keep remembering all these things I say I'll do, like knitting a scarf and selling a load of shoes on eBay and doing some art for people and drawing something every week and tidy my room and make a bag and make earrings and this and that. There's just so much! I really hope that I can get everything done as well as do my school work. 

- I really want to do another outfit post in the next few days. I'm hopefully going to Basildon tomorrow to do a bit of shopping, if Mum is well enough. Then on the way home I'll stop off at Outfit in Chelmsford and do a bit more shopping. Maybe I'll get something nice! :)

- I'm having to make a bag for college work, and I've got some pretty high expectations for it. Whoops! If I ever get round to doing it I'll show you all :) I'm excited about it.


  1. That stand is really good! I've never seen one like that before! :) x

  2. Yeah it's quite cool isn't it :) Having a creative Dad is good haha x


Thanks guys! :)