5 Jan 2011

Jan 5th - Hair Cut!

Scarf: No Clue
Shirt: Primark
Top: From V-Festival
Jeans: Bought in Norway
Wedges: New Look

- Today Mum went back into hospital, this time for different reasons. I was originally planning on going to town but afterwards I just kinda sat around for a few hours. In the end I asked Dad if we could go to the new Hobbycraft in town because I hadn't visited it yet, so we went there after dinner. 
I love that shop because it's just FULL of art stuff, and I have a weird fascination with art stuff. If a shop sells it, I go in there just to stare at it, so this place is like heaven to me.
Afterwards we went into Outfit (which has Dorthy Perkins, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, Wallis and Burton in it) so I could quickly try and pick up a plain top of some sorts to practice shredding and cutting (I'll do a post on that when I've done one) but I didn't get one in the end. By this time the shops were shutting so we went home, then realised that we needed to do some food shopping, as Mum would be doing it tomorrow but won't be, so then we headed over to a 24 hour Tesco at 9pm lol We bought some food (and some wraps for my lunch at college, YUMMY! :) ) and it was here that I came across a beige vest top for £1.50 so Dad got it for me. I liked a few of their coats too.
I've been thinking about getting another proper winter coat (I have a boring black one) but that would make my total number of coats 4 so I'm not sure if Mum would be too happy with it. Oh well, I'll see.

- Today I also got my hair cut! I had my fringe cut back in and about 4 inches taken off the rest as it was getting really long. It looks so short to me even though it's still long - it's weird. I'm kinda half regretting getting my fringe back because it's really annoying! The problem with full fringes is when they get gaps in them they look greasy even if your hair isn't. Also, it will get greasy after a day because of the oils on my forehead so I'll have to wash it even when the rest of my hair is perfectly fine.
I've also had it cut to the length where it starts to get difficult to style. I like the curl my fringe with my straighteners (notice the bump in the picture) but at this length and longer is starts to not do as you wish and instead of curling it'll stay flat and flick off to the side. It's super annoying. Hopefully I'll learn to love it again though.

- Finally, do you like the new look? I wasn't really happy with how my old blog looked so I thought I better put in the time and psice it up a bit. I far happier with this layout and colour skeem and I find it far more attention grabbing. But I'll probably get bored of it in a few months and change it again haha but for now I'm happy and I hope you guys like it too :)

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