26 Dec 2010

December 26th - What Do Titles Even Mean?

 Lips: Gosh Intense Lip Colour
Earrings: New Look (sale)
Ring: New Look (sale)
Heart Necklace: New Look (sale)
Bracelet: New Look (sale)
Ribbon Necklace: New Look (sale)

So this is Boxing Day! It was rather boring really haha.
I went into town to hit the sales, and only bought 3 things, 1 of which wasn't in the sale haha.

First off though, these are the accessories I was talking about that I bought in the New Look sale last Wednesday. I'm really pleased with them :) I totally love the ring! Worn it quite a few times. And I love the earrings, in fact I'm rather into big dangly earrings now. I bought these Miss Selfridge earrings from eBay yesterday now I'm waiting for them to be sent.
The Lip colour was shown in the last outfit post. I bought it because I don't like wearing lip stick as it dries my lips out quickly, and normal lip gloss doesn't have enough colour in it, plus Gosh is pretty colour intensive throughout it's whole range so for about £7.50 I bought it :)

So, onto what I bought in the sales today! Firstly, I needed a new pair of black jeans. I was tired of my old ones that are too short anyway, so got a new pair in the H&M sale for £10. Not bad! I need to put a few darts in them though. Then I bought a plain black jumper from the New Look Generation sale for £4, age 10-11 lol. It's just a bit smaller than my M&S size 8 jumper, strange... Finally I bought this Peter Pan Tunic from New Look. I've had my eye on it for quite a while and kinda hoped it would go into the sale, but it's too new of a line really haha. I'm pleased with it though :)

That's all for now!

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