25 Dec 2010

December 25th - Oh Baby!

 Brown Check Shirt: H&M
White Vest Top: H&M
Green Skinny Jeans: Primark
Brown Boots: Deichmann
Red Lip Colour: Gosh Intence Lip Colour
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To start this off, I'd like to say that my mum came home from hospital on Tuesday after 11 days. She got really bad, and is still a bit ill now, but is on the mend and taking medicine. It was great to have her home for Christmas!

Moving on, Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone has had a lovely day and got lots of cool things :)
My list of presents is rather a long one, as I'm lucky enough to be given lots of presents every year. Maybe I'm easy to buy for? Personally, I think I am. Buy me clothes and bra's and I'm set. Either way, I'm very grateful!
I got quite a few clothes. A lovely shirt from H&M pictured above which me and mum spotted a month or so ago, a soft pink blazer bought at the same time, the green jeans I'm wearing, and the white vest top from H&M (I needed a new one as my old one has gone slightly grey. Ew.). My Nan got my a lovely black top that comes up to my neck, but the chest area is made from lace. It's lovely! Mum also got me a grey pair of shorts and brown jeans from H&M but I didn't like the shorts and the jeans were too big. I felt really bad about the shorts, I mean, they were nice, but when I put them on they just didn't feel right. I know that if something doesn't make me go wow! i'll never wear it, and mum knows this too. I feel awful, but she did get me loads of clothes and I expected some not to fit or something. Mum also got me some tights! Brown ones and grey ones from New Look, and some thick beige ones from H&M that I'd had my eye on. She also got me 2 new bras with matching underwear, and one of those bra nighty things that has the netting hanging from it, and 3 pairs of it's matching underwear. She does make me laugh! I got some more bras from my boyfriend (that I had bought and given to him to give to me) from LaSenza. They're ones that basically give me a boob job and I love them! The padding is insane though and it feels weird to have them on, but I go up a couple of sizes so I'm happy :)
I also got a portrait lens and a few filters for it from my dad. He did give me some of the stuff above but mum bought it all haha. One of the presents I was really looking forward to was How To Train Your Dragon! I haven't watched it yet, but will do at some point tonight! I love this film soooooo much! And I got a hula hoop! I asked for one a while ago and my sister gave it to me! I'm very happy hulaing in my room :)
There's more to the list, but I can't keep going on about it all. I really am spoilt, and so very lucky. I wish I could think of as much stuff to give my parents and sister as they seem to think of what to give me :(

Tomorrow I'm hitting the sales, or whatever sales may be open. Usually I wouldn't bother going into town on boxing day, but I figured that the sooner I look through the shops, the more chance there is of good stuff in my size still being there. I'm working Monday and Tuesday, and then after that most stuff will be few and far between. I'm lucky that M&S doesn't open tomorrow!
I did buy a few things from the New Look accessories sale on Wednesday, and seemingly managed to catch it just as it had started, because for the first time ever I bought from the sale items! And they're actually not that bad. Most accessory sales in New Look are filled with, well, tat really. All the big plastic jewelled things that look crap. I'll show you some pictures of them soon :)

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