8 Nov 2010

November 8th - Fishtail Braid

I can finally do a fishtail braid! Yay!
I've been dying to know how in the hell people did these things for ages! I've read in loads of mags how to do it, but they basically told me: Split my hair into 3 sections and plait like normal, which makes, a normal plait! But only today did it dawn on me that I should use youtube lol. I found this video which was really helpful. It was the first one I watched, and I understood it straight off. Also, it wasn't some annoying person that talked crap and tried to be funny the whole way through. I hate that.

Also, today I went into town to search out some Bed Head products. I wanted some of the Superstar range, but to my surprise it wasn't sold ANYWHERE! I tried both the Superdrug's in town, Boots and Wilko's, but no where had any. I remember them selling Bed Head though, because I always used to look at the price and think it was waaaaay too expensive. So, I went to a salon shop close to my house, and they had tones of the stuff. However, they told me that they only sold to people in the trade, and I needed a special card for them to sell me stuff. Even more annoying, they had the salon sized stuff for super cheap. Seriously, a massive can of 'Queen for a Day' thicken spray for £5.90, and I couldn't buy it!
So now, I'm thinking of ordering it from BeautyBay, a site I came across when I searched for Bed Head products. What I want isn't too much more expensive, £6.99 instead of £5.90. All the other places where about £10+!
I've never used the site before so I'm a bit nervous, but it seems genuine so fingers crossed!

Also, I properly started work at M&S on Saturday, and it's great fun! Everyone is so amazingly nice and helpful so I enjoy it loads. The hours are crazy long, but I've worked out that I should have earnt about £70 after just 2 days! Not bad! I love working on the tills, it makes time fly. Working with customers is the best bit for me, so tills is perfect, I just don't like it when they want to pay bills and such because that's really confusing :C
But so far, it's great! Plus, I love all the presents they have in gifts! I seriously want to buy all of them, but I have to wait till I get my discount card. 20% off, yay!
Tomorrow I'm doing over time, so 8 - 4 instead of 12:30. Long, but should be good C:

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  1. You did a fabulous job of that fish tail braid I still am bad at it. Good luck with your new job retail at this time of year is crazy but fun xoxo


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