15 Nov 2010

November 15th - BedHead Hair!

So, remember I told you about BeautyBay.com? Well, I got my products through the post last wednesday, and I ordered them last Monday evening, so it was pretty fast!
As you can see, they came in this packaging which I was pretty pleased with - it shows they care about keeping the products safe. Also, it was delivered super early! My folks went out at about 8am and the package was sat there on the door step. Bless :)

Now, onto the products! I bought BedHead Superstar Queen for a Day and Blowdry Lotion for Thick Massive Hair. They are both heat activated so you need to give you hair a blast with the hairdryer after applying.
First I used the Thick Massive Hair serum. It's actually more like sticky water haha. I used it just after I got out the shower on wet hair. I divided my hair into 3 sections, and worked lots of serum into my roots. Then I blow dried my hair upside-down, and really, it didn't do much. My hair felt lighter and I could see a bit of lift, but after about 30mins my hair had gone down. It still felt great though.
Also, it didn't make my hair sticky at all! However I used it again the next morning on dry hair, and after it felt like it was starting to go greasy, but was relatively alright. Still, pretty much the same results.
Either way though, I'm quite pleased with it! I have really long, thick, heavy hair so the fact that it did anything at all made me happy. Also, people commented that my hair looked really nice!

I decided to use it on my Mum's hair, which is short and thin, and it worked really well. I think it's just my hair type, so it doesn't work on me.

Next, the Queen for a Day thickening spray. Basically, I used this when I got out of the shower, and used it on a 1 inch thick strand of hair. Held it up in the air, sprayed the roots, blasted with the hair dryer, and it did bugger all! It also made my hair sticky :C So I haven't been using that one.

Overall, I'm happy that I bought the products and tried them, but I probably won't buy them again. I am planning on getting my hair cut, so we'll see how it works after then, but yeah, I probably won't buy them again. I would buy from BeautyBay again though! I was very pleased with the website.

Also, on another note, please check out my LookBook at the bottom of the page! I've added a little widget showing my latest outfit. I'd really appreciate it if you checked out my looks and hype them if you like them C:

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