30 Oct 2010

October 30th - Job!

Ok, the second part of my update is about me finally getting a job! 

My cousin is a manager at M&S, and had been working at the store in lakeside for 6 months, but a couple of weeks I ago I found out through my aunt that he had moved back to the chelmsford store, so I asked him if he could get me a job. I had to do an online 'talent test', and I passed that. He told me to ring up the stores HR, say I was his cousin and say I passed the test. So I did, and they gave me an interview!
The interview was on wednesday, and I had to do a roleplay. They told me it would last 10 minutes, which is ages! Either way, they gave me a booklet explaining the situation and blah blah blah. In the end, I thought the roleplay didn't go amazingly, I had to write about what I thought went well and what didn't, and they offered me a job!
I'm going to be working in the gifts department! Yay C:
Only problem is, my hours SUCK! Most of the days I work, I start at 8, and then one day I start at 7:30 and work till 4! Soo early and soooo long. I'm pleased I have the job but those hours will be challenging for sure. They pay is good though, about £6 an hour. I'm looking forward to it, but nervous too. My training is next monday and tuesday, then my first proper day is next saturday, the 7:30 till 4 day!

But that's not the only job I have! 
My OTHER cousin contacted me on monday asking if I would work for her in her nursery! It's not a contract job, just to make up numbers, and short hours. All I have to do is play with the kids, which is fun C: Really, I'm just helping her out, because she's having trouble finding good staff. She has loads of interviews, but most of them turn up dressed nasty, really dirty, scruffy hair and can't even talk properly! So I'm just helping until she has more constant staff, which I'm happy to do for her.
In the mean time, she's having one of those criminal checks done on me to make sure I'm not a pedophile, so I can work with the children.

So, things have finally looked up in the working department! I'm very pleased, and so glad I finally have some income!

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