30 Oct 2010

October 29th

Ok it's been a while since I updated, sorry about that. I've been lazy lol.
But, in this lazy time, a lot has happened!
I'll update over 2 entries, because the first is quite a lot to say.

So, last sunday I went down to the ExCel centre in London to Britain's Next Top Model Live! 
It was the most amazing day ever and I loved every second of it. It wasn't what me and my 2 friends first thought it would be (we thought we'd be watching the live final it's self, but then that was on TV before the 19th :S), it turned out to be us seeing all the models from the show do a cat walk, and then there being LOADS of make up, hair, beauty product, fashion stalls and many many more! There was this amazing fondue stall, so we bought a stick with marshmallows and strawberries on it, and had it covered in lovely melted milk chocolate. They were so yummy it was crazy!

The worst part of the day was queuing for a free hair styling. The styling it's self was amazing, but we qued for 2 hours :/ We were lucky though, because the main guy said no more free stuff after us! When I got my styling done, I asked for curls with a bit of back combing for volume, and those curls were gorgeous! I loved them, and they lasted for 3 days! Crazy thing was, the girl used the finest mist of hair spray ever, so it wasn't really held by that.

The catwalk it's self was amazing, it was so cool to see all the girls! Charlotte got the biggest cheer ever, because she's amazing. I love her! And bless, poor Tiff fell at the beginning, but we can forgive her because she won :P

And what was ironic was, we saw Joy walking around the place, and got a photo with her and everything, but she was the one we liked the least and didn't want to win! But she was really nice in person, and she said my hair looked like a princesses! She was soooo thin though (obviously). It was so strange putting my arm around her lol. Btw, her hair is crazy because this was before the catwalk, and that was how it was for the runway.

So, after watching everything we got down to some serious buying! I only bought 3 things, which made me sad, but I'll buy more next year!!
First, I got these 5 amazing rings. Usually I hate things made out of these beads, I think they look tacky, but I was drawn to these rings, I just really liked them! And, they were only £1 each so I decided to get 5 haha. I got jet black, and onyx type black (the black that has a silver shine to it), white, brown and red C: I'm super pleased with them!
Next I bought a little spray bottle of So...?, because this stuff smells great and I haven't had any in a while. This was only £1 too so I thought why not? 
Finally, I got some Fake Bake wash off tan! I've been thinking about doing some self tanning for a while, so I thought this would be fun. The guy dragged me over and caked my arm in it, but surprisingly it looked natural! Not orange at all, and even my mum agreed! (she'd tell me if it looked stupid). It was 2 for £15, so me and my friend split it. I'm please and can't wait to try it out again!

We got home at about 8:30 and were all super tired, but we'd had an amazing time and can't wait till next year!

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