19 Oct 2010

October 19th

So after using the hair dye I told you about, this is what my hair looks like. Exactly the same as before! So, I'm gonna go to my hairdresser and get it dyed there and see what it looks like.
Also, in this photo I'm wearing the new foundation I got today.

Boots have been giving out £5 off No7 vouchers, so I decided to get a foundation as I didn't have one. It's Stay Perfect, 02 (their lightest colour). It's got quite a nice natural coverage! It hides my dark circles well so I'm please. My skin looks nice and smooth in the photo, but it's not. I've got blotchy skin, dark circles and lots of red spots on my forehead :( But it doesn't look like it with the foundation on! I haven't edited the photo in anyway, so I'm very pleased :)

Also today whilst in town, I finally got a long black long sleeved top. You would think something so simple would be easy to find, but it certainly wasn't! I've been after one for months. It was a mixture of them not being sold anywhere, and my being 5ft 1, so if there where any, they were down to my knees. I tried plain black tops, but they didn't cover my bum and that's what I wanted, but today, FINALY, me and mum found one in Dorthy Perkins. It just covers my bum, but I think it's the perfect length. They were doing 2 for £12 so I got a lovely purple one too :) I'm very pleased.

And finally, I've been wanting a pair of thinning scissors for a while, so I can cut and thin my own fringe without having to pay £20 for it. I wanted one thinning blade and one normal blade. So, we went and looked around and found some in a shop for £50. I was like, fuck that! Then today we went to a shop in town and found some for £10, so mum got them for me for Christmas haha. Thing is, the woman in the shop told me that some of these scissors can be up to £2,000!  Seriously, what the fuck? That's insane :/
But whatever, I have some now (kinda)

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