15 Oct 2010

October 14th

So, I used that hair dye, and it did nothing! Haha. I've got 2 boxes left, so I'll probably dye it again next week, and leave it to develop for a bit longer.
If that fails, I've been advised to buy highlighting kits. It's worth a go!

So, I'm back to moaning about not having a job again. It's gotten a lot more painful recently though.
I was talking to an old friend yesterday, and she's been working in a family run business for about a year now. She wants to leave because they treat her like shit, but the pay is £5-6 an hour which isn't bad! That aside, she told me that she had an interview at Next and got the job, and starts tomorrow! Firstly, she hasn't quite her first job yet and secondly this job at Next is permanent, not a Christmas Temp!
I'm genuinely really pleased for her, but it's just incredibly frustrating because I've been searching for a job for basically a year now, and I haven't even gotten an interview anywhere.

Another blow is another friend quit her job nearly a month ago, and has had 3 interviews since! Again I'm pleased for her, but it's just starting to get to me now.
I have no money, and I need to pay for my college course fees, my car and petrol, and birthday/Christmas presents. I just don't get why no one even wants an interview with me! The obvious answer would be my CV is shit, but I've had a friend who owns his own business look at it and improve it for me! And still nothing.

I'm getting slightly depressed about it. I just feel like, what's the point? I've handed in CV's everywhere, some places 3 times over, and nothing. Not even the place I did work experience at, who wouldn't have to teach me anything, didn't want me for a Christmas temp job. Seriously, what the hell?! They didn't say they wouldn't hire me at the end of the work experience, so I don't get it.
I'm tempted to give up and just beg for money in the streets.

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