12 Oct 2010

October 11th

So, the last time I wrote I said I was using some wash in wash out dye. Well, it was shit! Didn't do a thing. I guess I should have expected it really, but still! No change at all? What a waste. So, today I went out and bought Boots Botanics semi permanent Golden Caramel hair dye, however I just read a few reviews saying this dye turned their blonde hair orange! So before using it it'll do a tester. I don't want orange hair! :C

I also found this leopard print nails tutorial somewhere here on blogspot, thus is tried it out! Didn't turn out great though haha.
The tutorial had some pretty cool tips, so I'm glad I read it C:

Recently my friend's Mum picked up an application form for me for a Bupa Care Home she does admin at, so I could apply as a kitchen or housekeeping assistant. I was told that they were hiring as they had hardly any staff. But today, I was in the cinema and got a call. I let it ring, and listened to the voicemail afterwards to find it was someone from the care home. They basically said thanks for the application but we don't have any jobs going at the moment. What the hell? So, that was a bit disheartening, because I have no hope of getting a job anywhere. No one even wants me as a bloody Christmas temp!!
It's really getting frustrating now :/

I just want a bloody job! I wish someone would tell me why they don't want an interview with me! What's so crap about my CV?
Life sucks.

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  1. wow you look like a model here hun.

    i've only just come across your blog, and i like it!
    followed <3



Thanks guys! :)