9 Oct 2010

October 9th

Last night I had two of my friends, Carrie and Jo, over to stay the night. We chatted, watched Up and ate mint chocolate!
I also knitted a bit. I'm currently trying to knit myself a scarf out of some beautiful rich navy blue wool! But I keep starting and unraveling it haha.

Today I went into town with Jo to meet one of her friends with her. We wondered around shops, then sat in Costa for about an hour. At first it was incredibly awkward with this guy, but after he had a tea he talked a lot more. It got better then. After costa I left them, and bought some wash in wash out blonde hair dye which I'm going to use tonight. 
It's a little bit scary for me, because I've never dyed my hair in my life, but now my blonde hair is starting to get darker, so I'm trying this out to see if it lightens it enough. If so, then I'll move on to some semi permanent blonde dye and see how that goes.

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