5 Oct 2010

October 5th

Sooo today I went into town (which is a death trap for money) and bought a few things!
Firstly, I finally got these knee high socks from New Look! I saw them briefly maybe 3 weeks ago? After I got home I kicked myself for not getting them, and when I went back they weren't there. In fact I've been searching for them ever since! Lakeside and Basildon didn't have them either, and today my Mum spotted them on the floor in the shop (Haha. They aren't stained) and we grabbed them!
Also, whilst in New Look I was showing Mum one of those brown vintage style satchel bags, asking what she thought when we came across this little beauty. 

I love it! I think it can compliment vintage looks, but also not look out of place in something a bit more modern The strap is adjustable, which is perfect as I love over the shoulder bags. You don't need to pull them up every few minutes!
I also bought a hair, um, clip? I'm not sure you'd call it a clip, clip sounds very dainty and small. Either way, I bought a brown one to match my hair. It holds alright, but I might get another one for extra strength. I like how it's something simple, but made pretty. It doesn't look boring C:
The last thing I want to show you is this adorable little necklace I bought from Primark yesterday!
I absolutely love it! It's so tiny and cute, and it doesn't look like Primark to me. The metal is actual metal, not that tacky gold painted plastic they sometimes use, and it's a nice rusted colour making it look a bit more genuine. For £1.50, it's a bargain!!

That's all from me for today, byeee!

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