5 Oct 2010

This is Emma

Well, I guess this is an introduction to me!
I'm Emma, I'm 17 and live in South East England.
I'm currently studying Art & Design at college, and I'm in my second and last year C:
I want to go on to do another college course in Photography afterwards.

I'm super obsessed with clothes shopping. It's getting pretty bad now as I've been unemployed for nearly a year, and recently bought my first car and all it's insurance and crap, so I have no money to feed my need haha. Plus it's coming up to Christmas so I need money for presents! D:
Also I want gadgets for my camera.

I've recently fallen in love with http://lookbook.nu/ which isn't helping my shopping obsession. I see tones of outfits on there that I want to go out and buy!
Lookbook is another reason I want camera gadgets. I wanna get a wireless remote so I can take photos of my outfits to put on there. Also, I need a special type of tripod head to be able to take portrait photos (which could set me back by maybe, £40 - £150?). It sucks :C

But yeah, that's a little bit about me C:

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  1. you look so stunning here!


Thanks guys! :)